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Welcome to Ty Training. You have found a unique personal trainer that works hard to be so much more than just that. I pride myself on educational, safe and incredibly intense routines. I push people to their physical limit yet guarantee that I get them to smile throughout.

I graduated with honors from Barry University with a degree in Sports Medicine/Athletic Training. I have taught collegiate level courses in this field and love passing this knowledge on to my clientele. It is my goal that my clients not only get the results that they want but understand how and why they came to that success.

My extreme focus on form and body alignment ensures that your body works in the most efficient manner for the exercise therefore making it more beneficial and virtually injury-proof. I want your body working FOR you!

I have been training competitively in sports since the age of 8 and have competed at the collegiate level in volleyball. Throughout this time I have learned, performed, and incorporated many variations of exercise into my routines. I make them fun and entertaining. You will NEVER get bored!

I work out of a personal training studio in downtown Menlo Park and San Francisco, CA. This location is a professional, private, casual environment. There are NO membership fees and NO monthly fees.

I am also available for in-home sessions requiring little to none equipment for maximum results.

I challenge individuals of ALL fitness levels to finally put yourselves first and commit to improving your quality of life by finding out what you can achieve with a little guidance and a lot of dedication!

I will:

  • Rehabilitate injuries
  • Correct and help maintain proper body alignment
  • Provide restorative treatment including body work, manual therapies
  • Perform fitness assessments, postural assessments, injury assessments
  • Devise fitness programs and nutritional counseling