Kettle Bells: A Serious Workout a stronger body is just the beginning

The secret ingredient to the success of Ty Training is my ability to give you exactly what you need for any given day. I understand that each person is uniquely different and your needs may vary from day to day and week to week. Accelerate your results and minimize the chance for injury with a completely custom tailored program.

Free Consultation
Discuss your wants, needs, goals, medical history, availability, programs and rates.

One-on-One Personal Training
There is absolutely no better way of getting in shape than having your own personal trainer. Get a customized program based on your wants, needs and personal goals.

Buddy Plan (train with a friend)
Okay maybe sometimes more is better. Training with a friend can be fun, build enthusiasm and can keep you motivated. You also get a significant price break by sharing a session with a friend.

Phone Consultations
Sometimes you just need a boost in order to keep you on track. I welcome all clients to contact me either by phone, text, or email before "cheating" or letting that fitness wagon take off without you. I will not let you fail!!