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I help you heal and train through injury so you can keep competing both in and out of the gym!

A Coach that truly understands

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Crossfitters are MY people!

I GET them.

I LOVE them.

I AM them.

I want to HELP them.

We want to train hard. We live for it. We're willing to suffer. We actually enjoy it. But most importantly, we want to BE BETTER!

I've been competing since before The Open and Prebok. I have seen and helped many friends heal from injury.

Know this: A well rounded program requires individualization in order to address specific issues each and every one of you has and needs to improve upon in order to STAY HEALTHY and PERFORM OPTIMALLY!

What if you could?

  • Bang out 50 pullups in a WOD and still hand your kid something in the backseat without SHOULDER pain?
  • Do 30 C&J for time and still trust your BACK to be able to pick your toddler up off the floor.
  • Cycle power cleans and muscle ups without that troublesome ELBOW giving you problems.
  • Finally get that JERK PR now that you can get your head through the window.
  • And on and on...

Together, we can keep you training hard and feeling better than ever!


Supplemental Programming

  • Designed for those that want to keep going to class but have nagging issues.
  • Custom built supplemental programming based upon movement assessment and in depth strength testing.
  • Do it at YOUR gym and still attend ALL your classes. 
  • Finally fix that sore back!
  • Address that shoulder issue from college!
  • Stop modifying or scaling due to PAIN!

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Remote Coaching

Ty Training To-Go!

This is not your cookie cutter, solitary online program. I am there every step of the way to make sure that you are moving well, seeing results, and having fun

  • Programming for intrinsically motivated but incredibly busy individuals. Do it whenever and wherever you want!
  • 3+ day/week individualized programming based upon your movement assessment, availability and goals.
  • Weekly check-in making sure we are on the right track and your training is understood for the week ahead.
  • Constant contact throughout the week via text or TrueCoach.
  • Variability in programming when traveling or for when life happens so you never miss a session with your trainer ever again!

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Never question your choice.

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