Ty Training

Empowering you to successfully train on your own terms without having to train on your own. 

About Us


A Trainer that Truly Cares

I get it. As a mom of 2 young kids and avid fitness addict, I SEE YOU.

So many times it seems so daunting to carve out space and energy in the day for yourself. I help you save some of that energy spent deciding what to do and when. For 16 years I’ve been helping clients become their strongest, happiest selves. We will work together to figure out your goals -- and challenges -- and build a program that is exactly what your body needs. I want to achieve your goals. That race. That PR deadlift. All the energy to outrun your kids.

The more consistent you are the easier the rest of life's routine becomes. Let me help you make your day and life run smoother.


Hybrid Training

  • 1 in-house session + 2 remote coaching sessions per week.
  • Individualization- Custom built program based upon assessment and lifestyle goals.
  • Flexibility- TrueCoach account allowing you to take your program with you anywhere.
  • Accountability – Both in-person and in your pocket, I am there to make sure you succeed!

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Remote Coaching

Ty Training in your pocket!

This is not your cookie cutter, solitary online program. I am there every step of the way to make sure that you are moving well, seeing results, and having fun

  • 3+ day/week individualized programming
  • Weekly check-in making sure your training is understood for the week ahead.
  • Constant contact throughout the week via text or TrueCoach.
  • Variability in programming when traveling or for when life happens.

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Never question your choice.

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