About Ty

A Trainer that Truly Cares


I received my Bachelors in Sports Medicine from Barry University in 2001. I was then fortunate enough to work as Head Athletic Trainer for a championship high school in the Miami area, at the collegiate level at University of Hawai'i and gained valuable experience overseas very early in my career. In 2003 I made the easy transition to personal training and have never looked back. I sleep well at night knowing that throughout my career I have helped countless people live fuller lives through health and wellness. 


I am a mother, wife, friend and lifelong athlete. I take all of this and put it into my work. I SEE YOU. I see what life has thrown at you. I see what you have to overcome. I see that you have to get out of your own way. I help you realize your potential. I also see that life doesn't have to be so darn regimented and when you need to let loose I can always advise on that too. 


My philosophy to training: 

Give them what they want, Get what I need. 

I want to achieve your goals. Get you in that dress. Get you that PR deadlift. Get you down on the floor to play with the grandkids. In order to get there I need to achieve my goals as well. Get you stable. Get you balanced. Get you out of pain.